I always wanted to be in a sexy dude calendar and now I finally get my chance! Beef Steak features 24 male cartoonists from White River Junction, Vermont drawing each other in beefcake illustrations. One for each month of the coming new year! My roommate is even in it!

The idea for the calendar started when the ladies in our cartooning community put out Peep Show earlier this month. Their pinup calendar was so inspirational in its impeccable execution and amazing artistry that those of us of the slightly hairier, testosterone-filled persuasion here in the Junc couldn’t help but get in on the fun! The call went out from our fearless editor (and current CCS student) Josh Kramer and two weeks later we were sending the calendar off to press!

My drawing buddy for the month of September is none other than the inimitable Jon Fine, current CCS second year student and an extremely sweaty fellow construction worker! We decided on a worker’s theme since Labor Day falls in Sept. I like how big he drew my drill! :3

After we drew each other,  I scanned the drawings and added the colors, props and background.  ;)

If you want your own copy of BEEF STEAK you can email Josh Kramer and order one. I’d do it soon, though. I don’t think supplies are gonna last… THESE CALENDARS R TOO HAWT!!!!1!!

I know I haven’t posted any new comics in a while  but having this on the front page of my website is definitely a good incentive to get a comic, ANY COMIC, done as quickly as possible! :P