After a nice, long hiatus from doing COMICS I’m finally getting “back in the saddle”… so to speak.

I’ll be producing a new weekly comic strip Don Cacahuate y Palo Verde! The comic will appear IN PRINT locally in the pages of La Feria News, Los Fresnos News and Rio Hondo News, and every Monday here on magic inkwell.

Long time readers of Magic Inkwell may remember the two Don Cacahuate strips I posted here back in 2008. For new readers, they can be found here and here. This earlier incarnation of Don Cacahuate was a bit more foul mouthed than the one that will be appearing in the new strip. He’s also shaped a bit differently. I had a lot of fun working on these two short comics with my friend, the incredibly talented Bryan Stone. They originally appeared in the Dead Man’s Hand Anthology.

The new strip will be entirely in Spanish, though this may change over time as new characters are introduced. Time will tell. Suffice it to say that I’m thrilled to be slinging ink and laying down greyscale dots again. I hope you’ll enjoy reading the strip as much as I do making it.