I hope you guys will understand, but I’m going to have to cut these “pages” in half for the unforeseeable future so that I can keep up with my schedule. I just started a full time job at a local printer!

Making these new comics is taking me an inordinate amount of time to script, rough, pencil, ink, scan, color and upload… 2 days! As such I’m pressed for time keeping up with my buffer as well as making ends meet. Now that I’ve landed an 8 to 5 job my time is at an even higher premium and I refuse to sacrifice any more time from my family obligations than I already do.  Supporting my family financially has to come first, then time with them, then comics (then music, then…).

I’ve always fought against the idea that I’m a mere hobbyist at comics, but a guy’s got to make a living. This may be directly opposed to the idea of making comics…

Anyway, the schedule won’t change. I’ll still be posting Mon/Wed/Fri. It’s just that the “pages” are now cut in half to (hopefully) double my ability to keep up with the schedule. I hope that you all can understand and bear with me. :)