As ideas go, some seem to have a life all their own when they formulate in your brain. La Calavera Betty is definitely one of them. Born in my brain as a mashup of ┬áthe art of the Fleischer Studios of the 1920′s and the iconography of Jose Guadalupe Posada, the Mexican printmaker and lithographer whose work and visual ideas lives on today in Day of the Dead hispanic cultural imagery. Done two years ago, it was well received and lauded by friends and fans.

NOW, with the opening of the brick & morter MAGIC INKWELL, I was looking for an image that might entice adults to come to a drink&paint kind of event. What to paint.. what to paint…? Of course, I settled on revisiting this idea, making Betty more “spec” and trying my hand at recoloring it. I hope you like the results (and that my first adult painting “students” don’t find it too challenging).