So I recently noticed that an older post I did where I included tattoo flash has been getting a lot of hits continuously since I originally posted it back in April. After mulling over how to put all this new traffic to good use, I decided to launch a new feature every Friday: FLASH FRIDAYS!

Basically, I’ll create a new tattoo flash design every week and post it here on Friday. I’ll also include a nice big black and white image that you can download (right click – view image-right click-save image as) and are welcome to use if you want a tattoo or you are a tattoo artist looking for more flash to offer your customers. I only have a few humble requests :

  1. If you use one of my tattoo images for a tattoo, please send me a pic of the work on your body so I can post it here. Email it to me.
  2. If you like the work and intend to use it, you’re free to download it! I’m not charging anything for the work but do please consider making a small donation in return. Whatever you think is fair. It can be five buck, fifty bucks or five hundred!
  3. You don’t have to (and I just wouldn’t recommend it) tattooing my artist’s signature on your person. It’s just going to be on these posts because an artist needs to sign their work, am I right?

Ok! That’s it! Hopefully you will all enjoy this new feature here at Magic Inkwell. Who knows, maybe I’ll be getting an email with a pic of someone with a tattoo I designed sooner than I think!

This week’s image is a take on the classic Lady Luck motif. I’m a huge fan of old school tattooing and this one was a real treat for me to work on (even though it did take me all of Thursday’s daylight hours to complete!)

Here’s the lineart:

click to zoom

click to zoom