As we round the corner to the new year, I thought I’d finally post this piece. It’s called “Magic Bag” and it was one of the things I produced at the end of October for my November art shows. Felix the Cat has always been one of my favorite cartoon characters. My earliest memories of cartoon images places him right at the very beginning of my childhood, even before my mother ever bought me my first comic book. I used to catch reruns of the 20′s black and white “talkie” Felix cartoons produced by the Pat Sullivan studio. This was the late 70′s and most likely on some forgotten early cable TV channel offering. However they came to find me, the images burned into my young mind and have resided with me ever since. Another addition to the recipe that would create the stew of my imagination and fuel my hunger to create. Many years later, as an adult full of the knowledge of what and who spawned this iconic character, I was able to share these films with my infant daughter.

It was the only way to truly see them again with innocent eyes. The history of Felix’s creation and exploitation is a much more human story. One that had only helped fuel the disappointment and disillusionment I’d come to have at that point in my art career. But the image, the icon, the mirror that is Felix endures. It goes beyond those that created it and perseveres today. Almost 100 years later, Felix is still one of the most recognized cartoon characters of all time. Decades after any real resurgence of the character, the young generation that has NEVER seen a Felix cartoon still recognize him and know his name.