Down, but not out. Those that know me, or have been keeping tabs, are aware of my recent move BACK to my hometown of Harlingen, Texas from the picturesque New England town of White River Junction, Vermont (a town which very recently witnessed the destructive force of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene). I won’t lie, as hot as it is down here, it’s good to be “home”. Harlingen has a magical effect on me, probably because it’s where I grew up dreaming the dreams that have taken me on my crazy life journey. Or maybe it’s the amazing Tex Mex food…

As an artist, the most exciting thing to witness is that the South Texas art scene has grown by leaps and bounds in the 5+ years I’ve been away! There’s many first Friday-style Art Walk events in numerous towns in the Rio Grande Valley region, galleries, several homegrown arts/entertainment publications, venues AAAAND (I’m hoping) a market for my work.|

I’ve spent many years trying to break into the comics market, with little commercial success. My work has never been marketable enough, nor my consistency steady enough, to garner any real “success” in graphic storytelling. Not to say I haven’t been able to make a small amount of money (coloring/designing around other people’s work), make a bit of a name for myself (the whole “pioneer” thing), win an award (a brick to the head) or find teaching opportunities (CCS, and soon my own home town school district!) because of comics. I’m extremely blessed to have been able to do all those things and opportunities keep presenting themselves. I’m grateful for this. Eternally.

I’ll always love comics. I’ll continue to teach others how to make them. I may even make one myself every once in a while, but to be honest… I’m finding myself wanting to switch focus to the creation of art. Unique pieces that I can charge real money for. The way I see it the work I’ve done with my own hands, not the work reproduced electronically or mass produced in pamphlets or volumes, is the commodity that will establish my legitimacy as an artist. I’m working. Freelancing. Teaching. Making art. It’s making me happier than I’ve been in a long time. :)

These images are but a small peek at some of the work that I’ll be selling at an upcoming ART WALK event here in Harlingen in November. I’ll fill you in as time goes on. ;)