I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to post this any time soon but seeing as how Black Coat Press has already set up a webpage for the book

I just finished this cover the other night.  Drawn by my pal, legendary Swamp Thing artist and the ol’ Tyrant himself “Steadfast” Steve Bissette I was asked initially to color the cover but went ahead and designed the title lettering and cover layout.  I couldn’t help  myself!  I wanted to riff on the “vintage monster movie poster” idea that Steve’s drawing evoked in my mind.  I’m pretty pleased with the results and can’t wait for the next collaboration with Steve.  There’s actually another cover we wrapped up a month or two back that I’ll be posting as well as soon as I get the green light from the publisher.  This one’s a beaut, though, and I think we’re going to be printing up some limited edition posters of this that we’ll be selling soon.

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