Almost one year after I posted The Immaculate Heart of Olive I FINALLY bring you THE SACRED HEART OF POPEYE. In that year I’ve learned a lot about tabling at the local art walk events, what works, what doesn’t. As I spend the rest of this month preparing for two gallery shows for the month of November (and to celebrate the Days of the Dead) I’m currently creating watercolor to print versions of two paintings I recently completed.

One would think that a painting would be the “final” version of an image, but in this particular case the painting wound up being a very detailed sketch that I would later use to produce this piece which I will use to create canvas print gicleés to sell at my art events.

When I initially decided to (finally) make this painting, I knew that as a painting I wouldn’t be able to scan it to create prints (No access to a scanner large enough) and also that once the painting was sold, that would be it. The painting would become a rare object hidden from the rest of the world forever.

It had almost been a year since I’d planned on painting this image and I was eager to get it done. After all, I convinced myself, I’ll use it for one of the shows in November… probably the one at ArtHouse in McAllen…

The painting came together easily and was an extreme pleasure to work on. All the while, I’d post process pics to my instagram and facebook… getting feedback and enthusiastic support from friends, family, fans… Offers started to come in. People wanted to buy it before I even had a chance to show it anywhere. At first I resisted, but soon it became apparent that I’d need to scrape together more money, supplies and ultimately WORK to sell at the then upcoming Baloo’s Art Walk #6.

Suffice it to say I sold it. It went to a good home. A gift for the sibling of an old friend.I was going to redraw it and create a print version. After penciling the design, I inked it with a brush (like I’d inked Olive almost a year ago) and used pen and ink for the heart. I then watercolored it, scanned it in, applied the exact same effects as I did with Olive and víola! After a year, the promised Sacred Heart of Popeye (the Savior Man) is here.

P.S. – and YES this is very much an homage to the great Sean Bieri’s POPEYE THE SAVIOR MAN comics that should really be in wider circulation