I was asked to do a strip for the Austin American-Statesman back in ’99 for a tribute to the then ailing Charles Schulz. This sweet gig had come about thanks to a referral from Jeff Salamon, who had bought a copy of my very first Magic Inkwell mini comic two years earlier at my first convention experience, SPX ’97. It was a really decent paying freelance gig and it opened the door for me to join the comics pages of the Statesman soon after and become the first and only non-Austinite cartoonist to be in the paper (I moved there a couple months after I started doing a weekly strip).

I found a treasure trove of these recently, so I’m gonna post some of them here in the next few days. Here’s the very first one. Don’t ask me to remember the exact date of publication, I lost my archive copy many moves ago.  It’s nothing spectacular, just a simple gag.  Looking at it now, I can’t figure out why they ever gave me a job!  :P

Anyway, it’s late and I need to be in bed. I hope you enjoy the new layout. :)

More comics soon.