bearheadSummer’s here, kids! Here’s a new Inkwell Radio installment full of music and merriment to help you enjoy those hot, sunny days ahead. Clocking in at over an hour and forty minutes of music, this mix is dedicated to my good friend Kub E. Bear, Esq. who will soon be shaking the dust of our little town off her boots and moving on to brighter, better climes. We’re gonna miss you, Kubby! Enjoy the mix, everyone!

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Here’s the tracklist:

  1. Pussy Cat – Twink
  2. Slipped Disc – Benny Goodman Sextet
  3. Dying to Know – Tacks, The Boy Disaster
  4. One Thing Leads To Another – The Fixx
  5. Pretense – DJ Krush
  6. Almost Active – The Foxymorons
  7. Bird & Sword – National Eye
  8. Dagger Bones – Los Halos
  9. Treefingers – Radiohead
  10. Climbing Up the Walls – The Twilight Sad
  11. Stretch (You Are All Right) – Tortoise It’s All Around You
  12. 6AM Soho (Late Lounge Mix) – Jukes III
  13. Martin – Klément Julienne
  14. Too Much, Too Little, Too Late – Jellyfish
  15. Salto No Vácuo Com Joelhada – Curumin
  16. Love Goes Home to Paris in the Spring – The Magnetic Fields
  17. Amos In Ohio – Kyle Andrews
  18. I Don’t Understand These Machines – Track a Tiger
  19. Heatstroke – Magic Bullets
  20. Ever Thought of Coming Back – Kelley Stoltz
  21. The Midnight Year – Hudson Bell
  22. Oh Girl – Cut Off Your Hands
  23. Sweet Sweet Heartkiller – Say Hi to Your Mom
  24. Crack the Whip – The Spinto Band
  25. Fortress – Pinback
  26. Brainless – Sunny Day Sets Fire
  27. Malaria Codes – The Octopus Project
  28. Summer Here Kids – Grandaddy