MIRcoverAs of a few moments ago The Magic Inkwell Reader is now available for orders at IndyPlanet! Previewed here a couple months ago, The Magic Inkwell Reader collects all my original print comics which appeared in various publications from 1996-1998 including comics from Magic Inkwell Comic Strip Theatre #1 originally published in 1998 by Moordam Comics. The book includes an introduction by none other than the ol’ Tyrant himself Steve Bissette! Click here to buy your copy today!

Special thanks to good friend Sarah “Cyd” Streveler! Her generous donation day before yesterday made the expedited printing and availability of this book possible. If you’re reading this, Cyd, don’t you go buying a copy! I’ll be mailing you one from my personal stash as soon as they arrive in my sweaty little hands later next week.

On a more personal note: I’ve decided not to attend the Small Press Expo this year after all. Since I’ll be moving into a new place to live only days before the convention and I need to come up with next month’s rent before the first of October, I’ve decided it was best to beg off going and conserve my energy, time and money for a future convention when I can attend in proper fashion. Also, I’ll need next weekend to properly settle into my new place and get back into working mode as quickly as possible.

Many thanks to all the friends who’s outpouring of support, offers of lodging/transportation, commiseration and retweets after my rather long, cathartic post the other day. As broke as I am, I am truly a rich man to have so many good people in my life. Those of you attending the convention please be sure to make it a point to vote for Year of the Rat for Outstanding Online Comic! It sure would be nice to greet my fellow WRJ/CCS buddies returning from the convention the following week and be handed that coveted red brick! We’ll see what the future holds!