The view behind our house and the chill in the air says that colder times are ahead

Yes, yes, ya’ll. Decided to go on that little book tour after all. I’ll be hitting the road the weekend of Oct. 16th – 18th to promote the Funny Aminals Anthology.

I’ll have copies of THE MAGIC INKWELL READER for sale as well as copies of the SECRETS & LIES anthology. We’d be remiss to not mention that SR Bissette’s story for SECRETS & LIES recently received an honorable mention in this year’s edition of THE BEST AMERICAN COMICS series making these last few copies I own a bit of nerdy comics gold. Collector’s items even, sure!

*ahem* N E Wayz…

Here’s the big bad list of appearances for my birthday weekend North East comics tour-o-rama.

If you live in New York, Boston (Somerville), or Providence I hope to see you at one of these crazy things. If you don’t live anywhere near any of these places please consider picking up a copy of my collection THE MAGIC INKWELL READER so that I can raise enough funds to have books to sell at these upcoming events. I would love you forever for it. Seriously.