It’s been almost a year and a half since I’ve recorded any original music and posted it here on my website. Truth is that the computer I’ve had for the past two years didn’t have the ability to record sound (!) because of a faulty 1/8 input and the sheer age of the computer. Because of this you may have noticed that all I’ve uploaded in that time have been music mixes and DJ sets (since they didn’t require any sound in, these were fairly simple to pull off). Recently I got a new computer that not only has the ability to record sound but offers me new and different methods for doing so. I’m still getting my feet wet right now so you won’t be getting an album of original music JUST YET (even though this IS album writing month… gonna have to miss this year…) but one thing I did do the other day was start to play around with my new recording capabilities.

For this first experiment I thought I’d do a cover that I play a lot at open mic nights and performances… Bob Dylan’s “The Man In Me” from his amazing and under appreciated 11th album NEW MORNING. You may remember the song from the movie THE BIG LEBOWSKI. Anyway, one of my all time favorite tunes and I totally massacre it here (with vocal harmonies and everything!). :D

you can download the file here

I’ll (hopefully) be recording and posting new music as time permits. I have to say I’ve been so busy with comics in the past year that my musical endeavors have kinda fallen by the wayside (except for playing every Thursday night at the pub downtown and weekly practices with my new cover band). Anyway, enjoy!