First things first…I may have been a bit harsh in my judgment of this fellow’s work from time to time over the years. A bit vociferously at times, I might add. And in public!!! Within earshot, I’m sure!!

Um, anyway… it would be very difficult for me to talk about the web and the wonderful things it can do for comics and not point out this video of Howard giving the keynote speech at the Utah Open Source Conference 2008 where he pretty much lays out quite nicely what it really takes to make money doing comics on the web. To a lot of folks this link is old news but if you’re interested in really knowing how it’s done you’d be remiss to miss the gist of what he’s saying. Also, wikipedia? hello? If giving the keynote fuckin’ speech at a Conference doesn’t make you somebody, I don’t know what does! Leave Howard Tayler Alone!! *cries under bedsheet*

Second order o’ business: As you could tell from yesterday’s post I’ll be updating daily and adding artwork for sale as I finish it. Watercolored inks at first, paintings and real honest-to-God comics to come soon after! All for sale as well as your “free” online entertainment!

I decided to make the jump with the help of my friend Steve Bissette, who’s also giving it a shot.

To be honest: I’m currently behind on this month’s rent and there’s no jobs in sight around these parts. I’m wrangling all my freelance and whatnot together to survive. Got on unemployment (which should kick in just in time). This month is salvageable, but next month…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking for work, no doubt, but it occurred to me that if i really want to make comics/illustration/art my REAL work I’ve got to work. And I’m going to work. Daily. Here on this website. Then sell that work directly to you to try and make a living. Can it be done???

Lastly: we all knew it was coming…