The Struggle is Realimage_12

2014 was quite a year for myself and “magic inkwell”, the name I use as a blanket for my artistic/creative endeavors. Lots of new work this past year, a few comics and I even opened a studio/gallery for a summer and part of the autumn.

In some ways, I guess I could feel defeated. My studio had to close, I have a lot of unfinished comics to account for, there are pieces I still haven’t started and artistic obligations yet to complete…


The truth of the matter is I’m VERY happy and excited about what 2015 will bring. I’ve kept working, slowly building my cache of comics, painting, design work, writing and music a little at a time. Things that are unfinished last year will continue this year. If I can only continue to work, to produce art and music, consistently, the battle is won. I may or may not have a CD or a comic book to sell, but I’m building, creating, rearranging and imagining CONSTANTLY.

And that’s all that matters and that’s all that anyone can hope for in their creative lives.

All that said, I continue in earnest to make comics and music for my sci fi fantasy trip hop extravaganza SQUAREPEGZ. You can catch up with all things PEGZ related at The Squarelair and over on our soundcloud. Even though I only managed to put up a couple pages this last year, the comics at The Squarelair will grow exponentially this year, so keep an eye on that. We’re hoping to release a 24 page comic book in time for the South Texas Comic Con, which is on May 9th and 10th (mark your calendars).

We’ve been working a lot on new tracks as the year ended and the new one’s begun, so check check it out…

I’m also working on a new SUMMERMILK album for this new year, tentatively titled SEASON’S END. Again with the soundcloud:

I’ll be constantly adding new tracks this year to both those soundcloud accounts as i work on new music this year.

On the comics front, I’m continuing my weekly strip Don Cacahuate y Palo Verde into the new year as well as working on a Magic Inkwell comic book that I’ll be previewing pages of here.