i’m putting together an anthology which will debut at MoCCA 08. i’ve emailed a ton of talented cartoonists i know and it looks like the CCS crew and the Trees and Hills gang are set to contribute some stuff as well. I’ve even asked some of my personal influences and heroes to contribute a page or two.

it’s called SECRETS & LIES.

there’s a blog here.

i’ll be updating it between now and the festival (which we think is going to be in June, but the site hasn’t been updated yet…). i’ll soon be joined by some of the confirmed contributors who will also be posting stuff, samples, links, interesting tidbits. whatever. the plan is to also blog the debut and the festival. anything’s possible! right now there’s a few music videos i’ve been posting. trying to post stuff with animation or interesting art direction.

closer to the convention i’ll also post info on how to pre-order a copy of the book.

comics here on the site:
i’m using this weekend’s 24 hour comic day to work on a little something for the site which will debut sometime before the end of the month. no, it won’t be 24 pages. no, i don’t care if that’s against “the rules”. i’m not much of a rule follower anyway, really.

maybe 24 panels. maybe more. i’ll be working with my collaborator from the DEAD MAN’S HAND stories Bryan Stone. should be a fun time.