you know, one of the things i love most about living in a cartoon town is the constant parade of cool cartoonists that come through each year, as well as the constant camaraderie with the local tribe. i got to play some guitar and sing at a reception for lynda barry last night with my buddy gabby schulz on banjo and vocals. b.c. sterrett (distant cousin to cliff sterrett?!), an exceptional musician as well as graduating senior at CCS opened up the night’s musical entertainment. the night was a drunken exclamation of joy and comics love, complete with shots of Bushmills all around. sadly, no photo evidences are available.

it’s a strange life, my friends. yes, indeed.

the effect that lynda barry had on the students (and the faculty) was a profound shot in the arm, from what i can tell. the two day writing seminar apparently really inspired everyone equally and in a very profound way.

i just spent the last few hours doing research for a writeup i’m thinking of pitching to the comics journal about the early 90′s university of texas newspaper (daily texan) cartoonists (chris ware, walt holcombe, tom king, jeanette moreno, robert rodriguez, john keen, lance myers, shannon wheeler and corey koleman) with an eye towards a lot of exposition on texas cartooning history and the significance of the connection with austin and the university with many of the creators from the region. it’s something i’ve been threatening to write about for a long time and i’ll probably never finish it.

it was nice to immerse myself in lone star cartooning history. sorta shamanistic, really. or like green lantern recharging his ring. yeah.