so i’ve been meaning to blog about this for the past couple weeks but i’ve been too busy lately to take a minute to do it:

the infamous william g is wrapping up his series on graphicsmash BANG BARSTAL this week and dingbat makes a cameo in the final couple pages (scroll down a bit to the last few installments).  check it out!  you’ll also notice a few other characters from the world of webcomics making a cameo. 

i’m flattered and honored to have one of my characters in such fine company.  :)

in other news the holiday season is upon us and things are going full tilt at anything printed, so i’m pretty busy these days at work and have little energy when i get home to do anything else or go anywhere.  we’re also gearing up for our trip down to south texas to visit my family for the christmas holiday.  we’ve had a big snowfall here and vermont is now a winter wonderland!  whoo!