I’m burning the nights I’m not working on YotR (year of the rat… this would be every weeknight) working on anthology stuff. Aside from the one I’m putting together I’ve got two other anthologies I’m contributing to before MoCCA.

This means I’m killing non-photo blue pencils and pitt artist pen brush pens like there’s no tomorrow.

i went to the Dick Blick website to see if I could order supplies then remembered to see how much money we had first. As usual, we’re broke.  I’m not too worried about it, though.  We have plenty of essentials and the rent’s paid.  I’ll get a very small paycheck later this week.

Anyway, I went to Dick Blick (.com) anyway to do some dreamy style window shopping. Saw they had a Wishlist function and decided to build a dreamy inventory/wishlist. Then got a stupid idea.

my wishlist

… in case you were reading this and felt like maybe getting me something… :P