make with the clicky to see it nice and biggie

I’ve been working really hard on my contribution to the upcoming SUNDAYS 2 anthology (first SUNDAYS anthology from last year). Having been primarily a web cartoonist for the past, what, decade?! it’s really hard for me to sit on stuff and wait for the whole wide world to see it when it comes to my artwork. This is probably one of my biggest weaknesses.

I’m working diligently on a story called The Harlequinade which is partially inspired by Pablo Picasso’s circus/neo classical/harlequin stuff (thanks to finally getting to finish THE SALON) and partly inspired by this Arthur Crowquill comic from 1849. This is a little preview I put together from a panel. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to use some other cheesy font for the actual comic.

Side note: You should really check out this whole archive of old comics thanks to Andy Konky Kru