So a very strange thing has happened.  Whimville dot com has returned to the internet. The thing is neither myself nor Joey Manley put it up, had anything to do with it or even knew about it.  When the domain name expired four or five years ago we didn’t renew the registration and eventually it got snapped up.  What appears to have happened is that, someone, presumably Santa Barbara Chiropractic hired someone to raise their google ranking (some voodoo called SEO that I’m not entirely familiar with) by using Whimville’s accumulated google ranking.  Weird!!

Right now my first episode (with some mangled code obfuscating one of the table images) can be seen on the site and a post which links to Santa Barbara Chiropractic three times.  What the hell?!  Is someone actually making money off of this?  That would really piss me off if they are considering I’m on unemployment and STILL not able to pay all my bills (especially my rent, which is LATE AGAIN THIS MONTH!).

The images from my first installment of Whimville on this site are hosted on my own domain (the inkwell) but I don’t want to have to take them down and mess up my archives.

I just want answers.  What should I do?  Should I sue?  I can’t afford a lawyer.  If I do have a case is there a lawyer out there willing to help me?  Is there someone at Google that knows what I should do about this or is there someone at Google I should contact about this?  This is copyright infringement, no?

A lot of strange things have happened to me on the internet over the years, but this is pretty random.