Happy Easter, everyone! One Easter tradition I miss from South Texas which isn’t observed here in Vermont is cascarones. This is an interesting tradition with deep roots in ancient fertility rites. Supposedly brought to Italy and the rest of Europe from China by Marco Polo, this tradition found its way to Mexico and flourished there. I did a Cuentos de la Frontera episode about it which can be read here(sorry, it’s behind ModernTales subscription wall).

I sure miss cracking the eggs over my friend’s and family’s heads, but I don’t miss the months of scrambled eggs we’d consume in preparation for the inevitable blow out that would ensue on Easter Sunday when I was growing up. By April, we were pretty sick of eggs.

Here’s a youtube video I found with a family in San Antonio celebrating the tradition last year much the same way my family did (but maybe a little more subdued). The adults obligingly bend down to let the kids crack the confetti eggs on their heads. There will be a lot of folks running around the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas today with confetti in their hair. I wish I was there with ‘em! Instead I’ll go play some soccer with my friends from the center for cartoon studies! Happy Easter!