My friend and fellow CCS/WRJ comics community amigo SR Bissette just posted a link to this YouTube video of Mike Patton’s MONDO CANE doing a cover of Ennio Morricone’s “Deep Deep Down” (from Mario Bava’s amazing film and cult classic DANGER: DIABOLIK) as one of his “little slices of happiness” for this beautiful Thursday morning. I have to say, seeing this made me extremely happy, too, and I’m compelled to share it here with you folks visiting the inkwell. DANGER: DIABOLIK is one of my all time favorite movies (since Steve first introduced it to me a couple years ago) and the soundtrack for the movie is one of the lost treasures of 60′s cinema. It’s too bad the whole soundtrack couldn’t be covered by someone or released somehow. Ah, well.

Also, Mike Patton is one of my big heroes (and someone I want to meet someday before I die). So, yeah. Little slice of happiness… Someone else I’d like to meet before I die? Willy Nelson. It’s gonna happen.