a panel from an upcoming episode of YOTR

Sorry I haven’t been posting as regularly as advertised (updates daily?!). I just got through a big week. I got to teach another class at the Center for Cartoon Studies this Friday (with long setup sessions with students on Wednesday and early on Friday). Approximately a dozen students got their first comics websites up and running on Friday with at least a rudimentary working knowledge of how to update and customize their sites. It was quite a learning experience for me as I step with trepidation deeper into the waters of teaching. I’ve now taught two “classes” (one-day, 3 hour affairs) and am nearing the end of my time as a thesis adviser for graduating senior Ben Williams. I almost feel like I can actually use the “adjunct faculty” title someone once told me I could use without feeling like I’m putting one over on someone or something.

I’ve been really hard at work on Year of the Rat and I hope it shows. I’m several weeks ahead of schedule (whee!! buffer!!!) and hoping to stretch that into a month or two at some point in the near future.

I’ve got some tshirt designs I’m working on and hope to have a big announcement about that sometime soon as well. I managed to land a top secret coloring job that should start up sometime in the next week or two. I also have a few commitments to fill, a cool visitor to visit with in the next week, a Jules Feiffer lecture to attend and more drawing, drawing, drawing. Not to mention the cartooning school has it’s graduation in a couple weeks. Commencement week is always a bittersweet whirlwind of excitement.

I hope everyone is enjoying the comic and coming back to visit often. Let me know how I’m doing! How are you doing? Big shout out to all my cartooning buddies living it up tonight out in Portland during Stumptown. Wish I was there with you guys!

I leave you with this awesome Seabear video…