Phew! It’s been a whirlwind of a week with commencement at the Center for Cartoon Studies in full effect. I’ve been rehearsing with my pal Gabby Schultz (aka Ken Dahl) for our performances: we’re playing the music for the graduation dinner tonight and the post-ceremony reception tomorrow.

I found out yesterday that my thesis student, Ben Williams, whom I’ve been advising all year long, will indeed graduate with flying colors. I can’t tell you what an honor it’s been to join a long and distinguished list of thesis advisers that have served the CCS graduates over the past three years. Professional, famous cartoonist, these, and it was a huge responsibility that I took very seriously. I feel like I came away from this a stronger educator as well as gaining a lot of insight from a student that has completely immersed himself in mastering Japanese techniques and ideas and incorporating them into his own original work.  Ben worked his ass off this year and his ink slinging abilities improved exponentially.  Here’s to Ben!  Congrats!!

Over the past two days I’ve been helping many other students with their web stuff (with another “client” due here any minute now). Glad I spent all that time last week getting a bit ahead on my Year of the Rat buffer! When Monday rolls around I’ll still be in great shape and ready to hit the ground running again.

And, so, in the midst of all this nuttiness, i found some time to make a couple things. First item for your inspection is this silly drawing I did for my high school graduating class FaceBook page:


and also wrap up this sketch I did a looong time ago of Steve Bissette for a contest that G Michael Dobbs was running:


Cartoonists is the CRAAAAZIEST PEOPLE!

So much to do and I’d love to write more.  There will be much revelry as the third class to graduate from CCS walks across the stage tomorrow.  Congratulations to all the graduating seniors!  Here’s a link to the amazing two page comic that’s currently hanging in the window at the school (in full color) by CCS class of ’08 alum Joe Lambert and current c0-fellow Alec Longstreth.  Have a great weekend, you crazy kids out there, you!