I’m currently working on putting together a collection of my Magic Inkwell print comics from 1996-1998.  Though many of you may have read these strips online, I’m sure most of you never got to see the one and only issue of Magic Inkwell Comic Strip Theatre #1 published in ’98 by Moordam Comics.  This new print comic would collect all the best work from that issue as well as scattered strips that appeared in various anthologies during those years.  I was going to put this out as a regular pamphlet comic, but I’m leaning heavily toward a trade paperback edition (a square/perfect bound book with a spine) instead of a flimsy stapled comic.  The book will be 52 pages, so this might be a prudent choice if price isn’t too much of a deal breaker.

If I go with the pamphlet it’ll cost around $5.  If I go the trade paperback route it’ll be more like $10.  Introduction by the ol’ Tyrant his self Steve Bissette!!  I’m just posting this to get a handle on if you guys would be interested in owning a nice updated dead tree edition of my early print work and what you think of this cover.  I may change it.  I’ll keep you posted as this develops!