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Dec 21Possibility grows out of the ground here
Dec 202 Pioneer DVJ X1s, 1 Pioneer DJM909 & 1 TV
Dec 20A little holiday cheer, kinda
Dec 17Tom Waits for No One
Dec 17The Unfortunate Twist
Dec 14omg
Dec 11I’ll be looking for work soon
Dec 5A lot of things happened between then and now (or Addicted to Parentheses)
Oct 20how ’bout some wallpaper to go with your desktop???
Sep 16APPLESAUCE anthology (2002)
Sep 8Remember that documentary I was in that caused all that controversy back in 2005?
Jun 6Getting ready to hit the road…
Jun 3my server ‘splode!
May 28Pre-orders
May 26Digital Preview for Secrets and Lies!!
May 26Secrets and Lies Anthology Web Preview
May 24It’s coming…
May 24It’s coming…
May 19Sundays2, CCS Graduation and Secrets & Lies
May 16Secrets & Lies Book Release Party Poster
May 10New Image Posting Test
May 6Lolcat/HumpJones Remix III
Apr 28Today’s strip is going to be a bit late…
Apr 23Webcomics bragging rights…
Apr 10Nah Nah Naked ROBOT!
Apr 2Humpasaur Jones Remix!
Mar 15Birthday Hears a Who
Mar 12Because I just can’t help myself…
Mar 11Supplies! We need SUPPLIES!!!
Mar 5Trees and Hills REPRESENT!
Feb 26If you haven’t checked it out in a while…
Feb 26This Just In!
Feb 22you thought we wouldn’t notice, didn’t you…
Feb 20Happy Anniversary Comixtalk!
Feb 16First official post: Open for bizzle, shizzle.
Feb 16OMG! It’s Joe Lambert!!
Feb 6Enjoy the Ride – Morcheeba
Feb 5mp3 post test
Jan 25Arcade Fire – Black Mirror
Jan 20video post test
Jan 13Luke Vibert – I LOVE ACID
Jan 12jimi
Jan 12R.I.P. Stevie Ray
Jan 12crossroads
Jan 12what you sittin’ on? – jemini, danger mouse, cee lo green & tha liks
Jan 10HEKTOR: laptop spray-paint output device
Jan 5Radiohead-in rainbows-1/1/08
Jan 4dalton webb
Jan 3Kavinsky
Jan 12007 year of the rat [happy new year]