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Dec 28Test post from my new Blackberry
Dec 13Manga Appreciation Society: AIR GEAR by Oh!Great
Oct 19nyc
Oct 14Ten Years Later and the Birthday Weekend Book Tour
Oct 3Ottim… an’ the livs is fallin’
Oct 1Lil’ Ainjil!
Sep 20Inkwell Cartoon Cavalcade: The Big Snooze
Sep 18The Magic Inkwell Reader is now available!
Sep 16Good News/Bad News
Sep 10Inkwell Cartoon Cavalcade: I Haven’t Got a Hat
Sep 8Inkwell Cartoon Cavalcade: I Love to Singa
Aug 24Like a Brick to the Head!
Aug 22C’est finni
Aug 12A Faint Transmission from the Front Lines
Aug 5Things and stuff…
Jul 31Rainy Friday Morning
Jul 28Inking and Watercolor Demo
Jul 21Inkwell Cartoon Cavalcade: Super Rabbit
Jul 20Eclectic Method – BackToTheBackToTheFuture
Jul 19Inkwell Cartoon Cavalcade: Bimbo’s Initiation
Jul 15Inkwell Radio: Summertime Goodbye Travel Bear Mix
Jul 5Inkwell Cartoon Cavalcade: “Wood” and the art of McBess
Jul 3Please Vote for my Threadless Tshirt Design!
Jun 28Shimauma means “stripy horse” in Japanese?!
Jun 27Farewell, Michael…
Jun 13My Kingdom for a Zebra G–nib (or The Secret Life of a Mangaka)
Jun 9MoCCA redux and some other news
Jun 3Guess I’ll have a new book at MoCCA this year after all…
Jun 1Update on the Tradepaperback
May 30Would you buy this book?
May 28Our Lighthouse
May 22Zombie Friday – I Love Sarah Jane
May 21Electronic Cigarettes
May 19Some CCS Graduation Pics
May 17I Love Stupid Internet Quizzes…
May 15Riding High: CCS Graduation, a couple drawerings and some stuff
May 12Life, Inc. by Douglas Rushkoff
May 6Inkwell Cartoon Cavalcade: TRACED animated!!!
May 5Inkwell Cartoon Cavalcade: Quimby the Mouse
May 5Lone Wolves and Small Operators MUSCLE UP!
May 3This Will Blow Your Mind!
May 3Dave Gibbons demonstrates some Watchmen stuff he did with Manga Studio
May 2Good Advice for Designers/Creatives
Apr 30Damn, I Love Eclectic Method
Apr 29Inkwell Cartoon Cavalcade: Ryan
Apr 22Lucky Three
Apr 22Tattoo Design
Apr 20Inkwell Cartoon Cavalcade: Zoologic
Apr 18The Shape of Things to Come
Apr 16Deep Deep Down
Apr 14Whimville update
Apr 13Bert n’ Ernie don’t mess around
Apr 12Cascarones
Apr 12Inkwell Cartoon Cavalcade: The Band Concert
Apr 10This World Is Crazy
Apr 9Inkwell Cartoon Cavalcade: The Mouse and His Son
Apr 8Inkwell Cartoon Cavalcade: Still Life With Animated Dogs
Apr 7Whimville dot com update and a coffee break
Apr 7Want
Apr 6What should I do? or The return of Whimville, sorta…
Apr 6Skip Williamson’s blog
Apr 3Happy Friday, You Imbecile!
Apr 1Inkwell Cartoon Cavalcade: King Smurf!
Mar 30Happy Monday to you, and you and you!
Mar 28Inkwell Cartoon Cavalcade: Frederator Triple Threat!
Mar 28A little Saturday morning video for you…
Mar 27Inkwell Cartoon Cavalcade: Arcade Attack!!!
Mar 25How bout a cup-a-joe… WATCHMEN style?!
Mar 25And we thought we were original…
Mar 24Inkwell Cartoon Cavalcade: Ah, Twitter
Mar 16Inkwell Cartoon Cavalcade: Brendan and the Secret of Kells
Mar 8Elizabeth Gilbert talks about creativity…
Mar 5Some scattered stuff (brother, can you spare a dime?)
Mar 1Inkwell Cartoon Cavalcade: Be a Nose!
Feb 27Update: Sita Sings the Blues
Feb 25Inkwell Radio: Rock n’ Roll Dance Party
Feb 23Monday Morning Mix 12 is live right now!
Feb 22Online Storytelling
Feb 19Inkwell Cartoon Cavalcade: Now Showing Felix
Feb 18Inkwell Cartoon Cavalcade: Röyksopp
Feb 14I miss this site circa 2002…
Feb 13Scott McCloud was WRONG!!!
Feb 2Inkwell Radio 2/2/09
Jan 27Like the faint notes of a new sonata on the martian winds
Jan 27Inkwell Cartoon Cavalcade: Kanye West
Jan 23Scott McCloud at TED
Jan 11To blog, perchance to meme
Jan 9Inkwell Cartoon Cavalcade: Nina Paley!
Jan 4Inkwell Cartoon Cavalcade: Space-Time Twister
Jan 4Inkwell Cartoon Cavalcade: Let’s You and Him Fight!