i love this song. the one thing i remember most about it was that one night i played it for you and you cried so softly on my shoulder as i drove us home.
through the dark, lonely stretch of farm road between destinations with nothing but starlight above and the knowledge that these were our last moments together before i was to leave.
and you cried. and i cried. and it wasn't just because we both knew things would never be the same again and we would never live this moment again.
and we were frightened and we were crying because of the inevitability of it all and that each day has passed and we can't get any of them back. we'd never look up at the same sky again, just like the lyric in this song.
and the music was sad, but we were sadder. and we both cried. and all you could say was, "i love you... so much..." and all i could say was, "i know."