i got tired of the city one day... the constant noise and confusion was too much for me. i needed to go somewhere where i could think.

so i moved out to the desert, where i could be alone with my thoughts. here, where the sky is much bigger than i remember it from back home. the earth's hum is clear and distinct if you listen at night. the cool breeze of the nights melting away the heat of the days.

and though the sunsets are more glorious than any i'd ever seen before...with more colors than the pallete of the city skies, i found myself thinking about the home i'd left behind.

desert days and city nights, i could not decide between either. for i'd found a quiet whisper in the desert that had called me forth from the city, but the operatic night time call of the city was unmistakable...intruding rudely into my midnight musings.

and so i finally realized that we're never really happy in one place. we find pieces of our soul everywhere we go. different moods and different emotions with each change of scenery. the perfect portrait of human nature in snapshots from abroad...

© 1998 by cayetano garza jr.

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