magic inkwell comic strip theatre
The earth in silent stillness lay

Prelude to my longest day

A guest checked out and on his way

The last house light goes out

Proof of life's uncertainty

Reminds us all to ever be

Steadfast in integrity

The length of time in doubt

Questions will always arrise

And tears will well in sorrow's eyes

No chance for any last goodbyes

Remains the mourning day

For those of us you've left behind

Pray for us the same in kind

A time known but to God's own mind

What angels may not say

Carried on the zephyr wind

As a password, you may send

Comfort for those hearts to mend

All rejoined somewhere

The earth again in stillness lies

Bringing sleep to all our eyes

A gentle dream to be your guise

That we may meet you there...

dedicated to the memory of our friend Ed who passed away last week in an automobile will be missed...