a mindless strip about coffee
(ok, so i love coffee...!)

apologies to Shannon Wheeler

the coffee cup has run away...again

whatever will i do without my morning cup?

can i function, or will i cease and desist to exist?!?

whoa, nellie!

now i feel it comin'...

this is surely the end!


the jig is up!!! no more can i subsist on this caffeinated crutch which too long has held me up in the physical therapy of Mr. Coffee!

oh but that my tongue could feel its bittersweet drops fall upon it, but no... there is no coffee for to drink... water, water everywhere, but no coffee to make.

my limbs now quake with the severity of my withdrawl...my body depleated, i continue to shake. or am i just really, really upset?

my brain explodes! why didn't i buy more at the grocery store yesterday?!? "Don't buy MORE!" she said, "you've got plenty at home!"

i was a fool to listen...a FOOL!

i'm falling to pieces, coming apart at the seams!!!

look at me, my eye's twitching, i'm so upset!

my throat cries out for coffee...my throat...waitaminut!

now that's sah-Wheetah!