magic inkwell comic strip theatre

it happened again last night...
you mean "the falling dream"?
yeah, that's the one...

man, that's really scary
tell me about it!
i woke up in a cold sweat...
it's really starting to
freak me out!
i wonder what it means?
i dunno...

maybe it's some kind
of subconcious thing...
you mean like, "Don't
eat any more chinese
food so late at night
before you go to
No, no, nothing like that!
No, like maybe, "Your
life is hurtling out of
control..." or something

no, couldn't be that!
i read somewhere that dreams
usually mean the opposite of
of what they are...for example
if you dream about a death,
it usually means someone's
gonna have a baby...
oh, i get it! or, like, if
you dream you're in love with
someone else, that means
you're more in love with
the person you're with!

what? what is it?